Google Map will alert users if they go off route

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Google is continuously testing new features for its navigation app ‘Google Maps’. Once again it is testing for a new feature which is ‘Off Route Alert’. The feature would be available only for India. 

As per XDA Developers, the main motive to introduce this feature in the app is to keep the users safe from mishappenings when riding in a Taxi. The Off route feature would provide alerts everytime when the taxi in which users are riding gets sidetracked from the intended path. The distance of 500 metres from the destination would be covered in the app. 

This will ensure the safety of the users and also would help them from getting tricked by the taxi driver when riding to an unknown place in the city.

Once the application senses the wrong route, it would not re-route the driver, instead, users will get the alerts on their phones.

It is not yet clear that other countries would be able to get this feature in their Google Maps or not.

Google has not yet announced the launch date of the feature and not even has provided details about it.

Google has also updated the Maps with many features such as speedometer and Radar locations.

Google has also added 3 public transport features in the application which is helpful in getting the live location of busses and trains in the 10 cities of India.


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