WhatsApp introduced OPI Sticker to rejoice, chat, snooze with the stickers

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WhatsApp has now seen with opi stickers which comes in huge variety of category of bears. These are available for both iOS and android.

The major key points are that they can be attached to ios and android software. Almost there are more than 30 stickers in a bunch. Sticker backup has been added by WhatsApp in October 2018.

These opi stickers are designed by Columbian artist Oscar Ospina. There are several off white bears available in the sticker which has different emoticons. One will coffee while another can be with morning and similar content. All needed is to download the stickers from the chat and it will be
saved on the chat for next time use. They can be instantly sent on the chat.

These stickers are available in the pack of 14. Whereas there are also other 3 rd party stickers available to send on the chat.

These stickers have the theme of celebrating, sneak, snooze, etc. This Columbian illustrator also brought her creations on the messenger by facebook which led to further usage of stickers by huge
social media community .
How to download a sticker on your WhatsApp, there is sticker button present on the text box area
and tap on it after that click on + button . You will see a huge variety of stickers , next is to download
button on the sticker pack which will download


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