Susan Wojcicki, Youtube CEO pleads sorry to LGBT Community

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LGBT community recently protested against the youtube for not including homophobic comments under violation as a part of youtube’s policies.

“I know that the decision we made were very hurtful to the LGBT Community and that wasn’t our intention at all” reported by Susan.

She apologizes in front of the code conference in Scottsdale, Arizona that this violation as completely intentional as there is no such forced acts to hurt the LGBT Community. She is deeply sorry for such a happening.

This apology was lead due to a recent racist act on YouTube in the comments section regarding an orthodox pandit Steven Crowder who commented homophobic and racial comment for Vox publications writer Carlos Maza. He called him a “lipsy queer” and a “gay Mexican”.

This comment led to LGBT community to fight for their own rights and upsetting comments . Though there was no sign of the video which hurt the sentiments of LGBT community. This revolt further bloomed to mass people with huge support of YouTube influencers , critics and many of the Google
employees. A petition was signed against the video-sharing policy.

The CEO exclaimed that she was extremely heartfelt and never had an intention for mistreating this community. She will further be cleaning many such content from the service provider ad needs patience.


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