Ads will be added in WhatsApp Stories in 2020

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Recently, it has been in news that Facebook will soon launch ads in its messaging app WhatsApp. The company has now officially confirmed that it is going to launch ads in WhatsApp.

During Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, Netherland,  Oilivier Ponteville tweeted  “WhatsApp will bring Stories Ads in its status product in 2020.”
Ponteville added that the ads would get displayed in the WhatsApp stories like it shows in Instagram stories. It would cover the full screen like users find in Instagram stories/ The advertisements will redirect the users to the main website through the link.
A few days back, Mark Zuckerberg has also hinted that he will soon introduce interoperability in the services his company is offering. Users would be able to send messages in the cross platform. The users of Instagram would get a blue band below the feeds to access this feature. Facebook users would get a thin white band below posts.
Last week, News of ads being launched in facebook stories was also revealed by one of the social media commentator Mark Navarra.
Apart from Ads, there are many other things which are going to be added in the WhatsApp, and one of them is rich messaging. With rich messaging, Businesses would be able to share images, PDFs and Text in a single message.
Also, the Facebook catalogue would get integrated with the WhatsApp Catalogue. Moreover, Facebook would enable a feature for the users which would allow them to send their whole catalogue in messages.


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