Facebook Messenger Lite Will Support Animated GIfs And More

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Facebook’s messenger lite has got modified with a few more features such as animated Gifs and more, which were actually available in the full sized messenger app. Earlier the Gifs in messenger lite were not animated, but now people can express themselves more in chatting with family and friends via sending these animated Gifs.

To send a Gif, search for Gifs in Library and make your chat even more impressive and interesting. Not only Gifs was the only feature added but also you can change the chat colours, customize their chats and make it more personal. Video calling feature was also added this year.

Secondly, these features don’t charge additional and it remains under 10Mb, i.e, you will be able to install fast and quick as earlier. Before messenger lite had
messaging, receiving and sending pictures and links and stickers. Also, both the application uses the same bolt logo with reversed colours. In messenger lite the bolt is blue with a white chat bubble on the background .this app provides those a better facility to interact with other people via a video chat without a WhatsApp account. This creates a connection among various people around the corner of the world. This app is made in such a way that without being logged into the account in an app or on the web you can receive and send messages one of the best facility that the app provides is that we can make this as our default messaging app and can recover messages in messenger lite app.


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