Gone Home Game Is Now On iOS, Available For Pre-Order

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Gone HomeBio shock 2: Minerva’s den were the team behind this game, developed by the Full bright
Company. The iOS version will be published by LOS Angels-based Annapurna Games.

Here is the first person exploration which was set in the 90s, called “Gone Home” will be
debuting on iPhone and iPad on December 11. It has won host of awards and already the game is available on Mac OS ,PC, Xbox one, Play Station 4, Nintendo switch and Linux, also it will be available via the Apple App Store with price tag of 399.($4.99 in the US) unlike other versions available on iOS, different platforms, Gone Home for iOS carries the land. Where the character of a young woman is arriving home after a year and almost immediately she’ll realize that every thing is not right. In this game, you can explore every detail of the home to recall the story of the family members that lived in the home plus you can open any drawer and door and also you can pick objects and examine them. And moreover, the best salient feature of Gone Home is that being a suspense, thrilling, first person, exploration game, which offers a non-violent experience, one of the major features of this game is that you use the power of observation to unfold the mystery as you explore the house. It provides over 90 minutes of commentar. It also offers you an interactive investigatory experience, like you can not just examine the house but also you can look at the family’s personal possession, they’ve left behind. The best part is that you can pretend order Gone Home directly through the app store.

The game requires iOS 8.0 or later and is reconcilable with all the iPhone models. Starting from the iPhone 5s to the iPhone XS Max and as well as the iPad Air.


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