Google maps introduces a new feature of presenting famous dishes from the restaurants

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Google maps have been commercial used for almost every destination and journey. From long journeys to the shortest ones, it is the most used in maps. Commuting has been a lot more easier with the use of google maps. But, now google maps are not only for locating but also hosting. They have introduced a handy feature of exploring restaurants with their speciality dishes. Previously, they had just the locating restaurants option but now it got advanced. Users can also see the pictures of the dishes and try to explore more. They can also drool over the photos and further locate them.

By showcasing pictures, they can see what they will be served on the plate and finalise it and may end up buying it. This feature has been invented to automatically increase the sales and also provide information to the customers regarding what the food is all about by presenting its attributes. This has been an easy help for the users to choose from.

It is easy to use this feature. Users can type nearby restaurants or even search a particular restaurant on the search tab. They will further find an overview of the outlet. Even adding up to these reviews from the restaurants can also be searched. For someplace where you are new or
different country, you may not understand their language. But google will offer to translate the reviews to a language which you can understand.


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