Google Warns Its Users About Dangerous Apps

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Google Play Store or Google Play, a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google LLC, the most popular internet search engine, offers its users apps and games which do not fail to entertain or help people in day-to-day life.

The said apps and games that the users have become accustomed to, however, are not so secure as they look, according to Google. Many malicious apps have found their way in the Google Play Store and may harm the privacy and security of the users. Several security and research agencies have found that the Android users are trapped in some scam or the other by the apps.

In order to protect the users, Google has asked the users to help keep the Google Play Store safe by following certain do’s and don’ts. The users should not trade money and goods that some apps offer in order to increase their reviews and star ratings. The users should give constructive feedback or improvement tips rather than using foul language to criticize the apps that they do not like. The posting policy should be kept in mind while posting comments and reviews in public. Using meaningless or unintelligible speech tarnishes the reputation of the app as well as gives off a bad reputation of the reviewer. Google recommends users to report bad reviews as spam and read the Google Play
Developer Policy to make sure that the users do not violate it. Google was able to detect and remove millions of reviews and ratings from the Play Store through human and AI


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