Microsoft Bing gets blocked in China due to technical issue

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The Microsoft’s search engine Bing got recently blocked in China. The government didn’t block it, instead it was blocked due to a technical error. As per the people who have experienced this error, the issue got solved after some time and the Search engine Bing was accessible to all. In statement Microsoft said that the services of Bing have been restored after it experienced issue.

This incident highlights the ban imposed by Chinese regulatory on various services of internet for lots of reasons and the problem usually IT companies face because of such bans. The government of China does not give explanations or justifications of these bans. The Microsoft company has agreed to the Biejing’s terms and build the local operations as per terms. While the Bing got blocked accidently, other Microsoft products such as Azure were working fine and were online.

Microsoft’s President Bard Smith said “It’s not the first time that we’ve encountered issues like this for being in China. These do arise periodically,” he told an audience at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “We do adhere to the global network initiative set of principles when it comes to search services in China. And that does mean that there are days when there are either difficult negotiations or even disagreements, but we’re not aware of any ongoing negotiation or disagreement.” He also added that the company is not certain that this incident bought a broder issue.


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