Mortal Kombat XI : Latest Rumors and Release Date Revealed?

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Mortal Kombat XI is one of the latest sequels of Mortal Kombat fighting game series which is a subject of a big talk over across the gaming community. The release date of Mortal Kombat XI is recently leaked by an unknown source. Here we are goanna reveal the latest hypes and teases about this upcoming sequel of this awesome fighting game. The exact release date is not yet confirmed but it is clear that it is surely coming in the year 2019.

It is said that according to a hidden report a studio named NetherRealm is supposed to be working on this game and they are trying their best to make its animation part as good as possible. One of the actors confirmed that he is currently working with this studio to creating this awesome game and he himself confirms it in a video clip that he has posted on his profiles. According to the statistics, a reveal of this game is coming in this month at the Game Award Show which usually takes place in December of each year.

This release of Mortal Kombat XI is going to crash the gaming market. Its fans are very curious about this upcoming release and they just want to know each and every reveals about this latest sequel and here we will ensure you that we will provide you all the latest news and reveals of this game as soon as possible so stay tuned to get all the upcoming updates.

The first release of this game was launched in 1992 and it just rocks the market and it becomes the most played games from a huge amount of gamers and they all showed their love and support to this game. Then the community of developers decided to further make its more versions for its huge fan base. This game was developed by two developers named Ed Boon and his friend John Tobias and this was their best creation ever.


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