Nikon Coolpix B600 finally launched in India

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Nikon, the renowned brand manufacturer of world class camera has never let down anyone in their high expectations for quality, performance and
technology. With each new camera model they unleash, their technology only seems to be getting better and more advanced. Their much-awaited Nikon Coolpix B600 with 60x optical zoom has launched in India and though the company is yet to release the availability date as well as the price, it is already creating waves of anticipation and loud buzz in the tech

As it is explained in the title of the camera itself, its 60X optical zoom is almost unparalleled to any other. Its focal length range is 24-1440mm and will have a picture/video covered in everything that is captured. This is of course the key feature of the camera.

It starts recording an HD video (1080p/30p) which has a vibration reduction
that would reduce the shakiness of filming (upto 3.o stop) – if one was to be
walking or filming a very action-filled scene in real life! The in-camera editing is also available and allows cutting of any footage or hold to the still frames.

Share any photos right there in the moment, as Nikon’s snapbridge app for iOS and Android allows transferring of images to the device whenever one wants to. Also, there is the availability of editing of the individual photos either in the creative mood or the macro mode to capture tiny shots with the best precision.

Overall, the great features of Nikon’s Coolpix B600 with 60X optical zoom
seems to make it one of their best model so far and the DSLR-style grip that
ensures a firm hold only makes it better.


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