World War Z launching soon in 2019

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World War Z is a Zombie shooting game which is going to be launched in 2019. Recently in this month Saber interactive releases the system requirement for this game. It will be going to hit the market in the next year and it is supposed that it contains high-quality graphics and in-depth detailing of characters that will make this game most one of the hottest game of 2019. It is going to be a four-player Cooperative game.

It may be on based on a film named World War Z in which the actor plays a role of Zombie survivor and struggles to survive in Zombie apocalypse so the main theme of this game is going to be similar of that movie. In this upcoming game, you have to play as a Shooter and defend your team and yourself from deadly zombies. Rather than all of this basic stuff this game is also going to be providing you different Strategies for playing such as defence Trap in placement and many more.

This game is going to be placed in New York, Moscow and Jerusalem. It can be released for this game is going to be releasing for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation and Xbox devices so you can easily enjoy it by having any one of them. It is said that it will be soon coming to the Epic Store. It is noticed that the steam logo of this game has been recently wiped out from the WWZ website which means that this game is just releasing for PC for now.

It was introduced by Sabre interactive and recently it releases a single trailer that describes a little bit about the upcoming game. Its followers and fans of the game are becoming more and more excited to play it as soon as possible. It is going to be a game as the fourth player are going to play this game with one another and they have to kill Zombie in order to survive.


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