Apple increases the download limit by 50 MB for iPhone

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Whenever you are trying to download an app from apple store on iPhone, it uses mobile data but uses 150 MB of data. But now, apple has amended their rules and they have increased the limit to 200 MB . This action now can only take place by using wi-fi to complete the action.

By some studies, it was noted that the last time they increased the limit on downloads were in September, 2017. At that time, this action could be completed within 100 MB or even less with the use of cellular data. It was increased to 150 MB. But presently, it has been increased to 200 MB which shows an increase of 50 MB for apple users.

Various apps which require a lot of data and speed and cannot complete the action of downloading such apps using a Wi-Fi connection. But , Indian users have a huge amount of mobile data to spend on such apps.

Cupertino based tech giant is hosting an annual conference which will take place on June 3 in San Jose, California. This event will be all about iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iWatch, etc. For iPhone, iOS is launching iOS 13 software beta version with a new iPhone model in September. It will sum up more
features like dark mode, some new fixations on iMessage. Also, introducing new features which will enhance gaming experience on the Iphone. MacBook will also update by releasing a new version of MacOS.


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