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The exchange suggests that Qualcomm and Apple had an argument regarding the softwares rather than the licenses at the center of their legal
battle. At last what happened is the Apple rejected the Qualcomm chipsets.

The argument started when the Qualcomm said it won’t sell chips if the customer doesn’t pay the hefty licensing fees. The Apple chief executive Jeff Williams also told the courtroom that the Qualcomm cut off chip supply for the iPhones, and it was compelling testimony for anti trust case against the Qualcomm in the Federal Trade Commission.

There were billions of dollars of deals between the Apple and the Qualcomm that have actually collapsed over a squabble over the software
access rather than the patent fees that sparked a fierce legal battle between the two huge companies.

In a bid for supplying modems for portion of Apple iPhone, Jeff Williams decided to dismiss the license for the iPhones despite getting benefits of the two companies working together. Williams also said that the Apple will not leak the computer code key to modify the chipsets of Qualcomm, but the Apple has been accused of it.
Williams also wrote that “ I just hope the licensing dispute doesn’t cloud good judgment in the team on a massive business opportunity,” he added, noting that Apple planned to order about $2 billion worth of chips from Qualcomm for 2018.”
Now in the end , the Intel corporation became the sole provider of chips
for the iPhone and Qualcomm accused of it using it’s software to improve the Intel chips.


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