Battlefield 5 Review

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Battlefield 5 is an awesome game from EA games. It will be the best and most updated version of this action game from its official series. Recently it launches an update which is available for free and it will unlock new maps and a war story mode in your gameplay. You can easily get this update and it will add newly designed maps to your gameplay that you can enjoy exploring new areas in the game.

This game can easily be enjoyed on your systems such as home PC, PlayStation, Xbox and others have minimum system requirements that it supports. You can enjoy the battle of the game to survive in different gaming modes. It also has many new updates such as a list of changes and adjustment along with detailed notes of its upcoming patches and new content of different type including the latest story mode that you can play easily. The new map which you will get with this update is called PenzarStorm where you have to fully focus on tank’s battles located in the Belgium region of the game.

The latest gaming mode that is war story it is named as The Last Tiger in which you have to play the role of a German Soldier who is the commander of a tank and you have to run the tank within your area to enjoy driving the tank you can also experiment with different weapons vehicles and various other aspects of this new gaming mode in your training area of the game.

Battlefield 5 will mainly aim at exclusive features and more advanced mechanics that will unlock many new resources in your game and remove restrictions of discovered areas. It will enable you to completely customize the way of your playing and it also has optimized weapons that you can use with more efficiency as compared to its previous releases.


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