Microsoft Edge Confirms That Edge is Shifting To Chromium

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Microsoft Edge is a default web browser in Windows 10 which is a baby bird amongst some of the best web browsers like Chrome and Firefox and since its conception, it has struggled to raise the bar of curiously among people so that they take the plunge and choose Edge browser over mainstream and amazingly polished Safari or Chrome etc.

Chromium is a translating engine code on which Google’s web browser Chrome functions and now, Microsoft has revealed and confirmed that Microsoft Edge will function on the same.

This has to be one of the carefully planned masterstrokes of Microsoft because the journey of Edge, so far, hasn’t been an easy one. Everyone knows that Chrome is unbeatable and this decision might just make Edge a parallel winner alongside Chrome.

Now, head over to what the Corporate Vice President of Windows had to say on this exceptionally mindful relocation or change, “We intend to adopt the Chromium open source project in the development of Microsoft Edge on the desktop.”

When Microsoft Edge was developed, it worked on the rendering engine called EdgeHTML but its failure to meet the demands of communion and its incompatibility compelled users to make Chrome or Firefox their default web browser. There has been no instance where the users of Edge have decreased because the numbers were never high in it.

The progression of Edge to Chromium might shake the ground of all web browsers because there will be lesser fragmentation of web, lesser than one can imagine.

This modified and accelerated version of Edge won’t just be available for Windows 10 users but also for macOS. It has been a long, long gap of fifteen years since Microsoft browser was also available to Apple users.


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