CISCO Released a Hardware for new WiFi Technology

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On Monday, CISCO said that it is releasing new hardware for the ext generation WiFi standards. With this release the company is aimed to give a refresh to its $28.2 Business infrastructure and wants to earn more revenue.

Company announced new switches and access points for businesses for WiFi 6. Also, a new standard is going to be released by 2020. To these CISCO’s access points, phones, laptops etc will get connected and will transfer the traffic to the switches which would be connected to the Business’ Wired Network.

As per the IDC, CISCo alone covers 45% of the market in Wifi system for corporate. It is rolling out the hardware just before the phones and devices which will have a chip that will use Wifi 6.

This release would definitely give a boost to the wifi system speed. It is designed to solve the problem of many users which they face regularly with the current networks of Wifi. The Hardware is released to avoid bogging down when using several services at once.

Also, what consumers may notice is that the hardware release has a connection with the 5G Wireless networks that will be launched during the same time.¬†Gordon Thomson, Cisco’s vice president of enterprise network sales said to media¬† “There’s going to be a much stronger¬†interconnection and relationship and handoff that occurs.” Most of the new features will be launched due to the greater use of the software. CISCO is also shutting down its biggest selling switch and will be launching new one for it.


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