Counter Strike Rolls Out New Updates: Free To Play And Danger Mode

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counter strikeCounter-Strike was the first game to become a rage among the youth before PUBG took over its gaming audience comprising of teens and college goers alike. It has dropped it’s latest version Counter Strike Go with several updates, the best one being it’s free to play now – earlier it cost Rs 1000 to play. So now you can your favorite game for free, though
it has it’s premium version CS: Go Prime Status Upgrade version costing Rs 1,049 which gives premium users an exclusive experience by providing extra item drops, souvenir items, and weapon cases. For those who had already bought the game before the Prime Upgrade will be for free.

Another major update to the game is that there a Battle Royale mode called the DANGER ZONE that has been added to the game – which is basically a gaming mode in Counter-Strike where you can enter into the play zone having 18 fighting contestants, with the last survivor being declared the winner. One can play this mode either solo or make teams
of two or three and enter into the Battle Royale mode. Each match lasts for about 10 minutes.

This is being considered by gaming experts as a move to regain it’s lost glory and the great fan base that Counter-Strike used to command earlier by competing with other Battle Royale games like PUBG which the youth are addicted to currently.

19 Years ago, Counter strike Go was first launched as Half-life. In 2012, It returned in the game industry as Counter Strike.



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