eBay and Google Pay in Partnership

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eBay is a big e-commerce website which is famous for its good services for years. The website is not new and is known all over the world.

And now the news is that eBay, big e-commerce is in the partnership with Google Pay for giving the better payment method. So now, people who are shopping in eBay will have one more payment method which is Google Pay. Users will be able to easily get one more payment method where users will be easily paying through Google Pay.

This integration is done in order to help customers with their mode of payment. They can now make the payments easily. They have to simply choose the product and check out. However, it is only available with some products because all the sellers have not selected this payment method yet. But 80% of products are available with Google Payments.

According to the news, this integration will start in April and will be available for Android users first. After this, they will be adding the this for other users too. eBay has also added Apple Payment method exclusively for iOS users as their one of the payment method.

eBay has also said that it was a long term planning and they are now looking forward to the response. By the end of 2021, they also will intermediate the majority of an end to end payments on their platform.


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