Facebook LOL currently being tested, a special feed for memes

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Facebook LOL is being tested currently in private beta by high-school students in the United States with approval from their parent .Facebook is functioning on a new invention, LOL that will allegedly allow users scroll through memes on their feed. According to a TechCrunch report, Facebook LOL will be divided into categories of videos like “Stand-up”, “Random”, “Pranks”, and more. Facebook LOL is presently running a small scale test in private beta including the concern of 100 high-school students in the US with approval from their parents. It is uncertain about Facebook LOL, whether it will be rolled out as a feature or as a standalone app. People are waiting for LOL becomes available for the public.

Just like Facebook, users will be provided an option to submit videos to LOL by simply uploading or pasting a URL in the tab like they get reaction buttons as well as share button for each content in a Facebook account. LOL will include categories like “Classics”, “Gaming”, “Celebs”, and “Wait for It”. It is a platform owned by Facebook to attract more youth. The report of Facebook LOL points out that it looks a lot like Snapchat’s Discover tab with even a “For you” section for modified and curated feed. LOL is a new product of Facebook that can be used for scrolling through a variety of memes by the users. According to the report, it will be fun for Facebook users to feed for funny videos and GIFs.


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