F8 2019: Facebook Launches LightSpeed Project, a Lighter messenger app

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Just before the F8 Developer Conference 2019, Facebook announced launch of it new project LightSpeed. As per this project, it will provide a faster and lighter messenger app.

As per the reports, the newly revamped messenger app is going to be faster and the company claims that it will merely take 2 seconds to open. The app sie would also get reduced as of now the messenger is of more than 50MB, which company will reduce to 30MB size.

This update would affect the existing messenger app. However, Facebook already offers Light app version of the messenger, but it is meant for the devices which are low end and having poor network connection. In the Lite version, users also are not able to enjoy the full features of the Main app.

The official launch of the Project LightSpeed is going to take place in its F8 Developer Conference. Apart from this, in the messenger app, Facebook is going to make visual changes. For example, The app will come with a special tab that will show updates from the contracts with whom users frequently chat. In this tab, there would be updates like stories, photos, and videos etc. Till now, facebook has not shared the timeline with new updates. It could be available in the coming days.

Facebook has also introduced a desktop version of Messenger for the Windows and Mac device users. It is quite similar to the WhatsApp Web, which mirrors the chats from your Phone to PC.


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