Face Locks Failed in Android Phones, 3D printed Head can Unlock them.

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Android giants One Plus 6, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note and several other Android phones, came under the lens when their face lock technology was bluffed into unlocking the phone by a 3D printed head as a part of an elaborate strategy by Thomas Brewster to check those phone’s security measures.

Forbes’s cyber security journalist’s measures raised concerns over Android phones' security and the incompetence of its facial recognition system with only iPhone X surpassing the test proving the technical superiority of Apple’s FaceID technology used in Apple’s camera system.

The 3D printed head that managed to surpass the facial recognition check, was a product of the backface studio in Birmingham in United kingdom. One Plus 6 proved to be the weakest among all the phones as it’s facial recognition technology gave way instantly when a fake head was presented. LG and Samsung though succumbed to the 3D printed head trick, the phone’s did display a warning about the strengthened security of the fingerprint scanner that supersedes the facial recognition technology with LG updating the G7 ThinQ to a more secure system during the test.

iOS seemed to outclass Android in this recent revelation, which although, may not come as much of a surprise but it does put developers of Android phones in a quarry over the paltry security measures raising the concern of many Android users, who would definitely want their phone’s security system to beef up. Apple’s TrueDepth camera system which is used for FaceID can create a very accurate map of our face by analysing around 30,000 invisible dots through an IR emitter, thus helping iPhone X ace the test.


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