Facebook Launching QVC- like video shopping feature soon

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Facebook has become the most used social media website nowadays. And the site is also trying to be better day by day by introducing new features. Indeed, it is a good thing and recently, there was a buzz about Facebook testing a new video feature in order to launch it soon. However, there was no official announcement regarding the same.

But recently, the company has confirmed the news and said that they are testing a new video feature which will make the app more interesting and convenient too. It will help the users to shop from the site without thinking about the size or colour.

This test is being done in Thailand for some vendor pages only. Through this feature, the merchants will be able to notify the page followers about the broadcasts and the showcase of their products via live videos. And the payment can be done through the messenger only. Since payment and the showcase will be done through the app, it will be safe for the merchants and the customers.

It is now not clear if this feature will be used all over the world or is being used just for testing. However, there is a huge potential as the user can judge the product better.

The photo sharing platform Instagram is also working on the same feature which will let its user to shop through the app only. As of now, there is also the feature of save products for shopping later present in the site. However, they are soon planning to add this feature. The users can easily use the app for making the payments and placing the orders through the app.




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