Google is Shutting Down Their Messaging App Allo

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Google has been a big shot always. However, the company is facing losses since the past few years due to their messaging app Allo. The company as finally announced that their smart messaging app Allo is not going to work after March 2019 since the company is not able to focus on their other apps.

According to the sources, Google has taken this step in order to focus on improving their Android messaging and video calling app Duo which is doing great and they are now working on the same to make it better.

According to the Vice President of Consumer Communication Products of Google, Matt Klainer, the app will be up till march 2019, however after that, one can export all their conversation history from the app.

He stated- “Allo will continue to work through March 2019 and until then, you’ll be able to export all of your existing conversation history from the app,”

Talking about the app, Allo is a messaging app launched in 2016 as the rival to WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage. It is an instant texting app which works for both Android and iOS with a web client available on Mozilla, Opera browser and Google Chrome.

The app has more than 175 million users and the app has recently got updated with some features like GIF’s and Smart reply and desktop support into messages.

According to the company, they will improve the app duo in order to make it comfortable and reliable and that is the sole reason they are shutting down Allo.

Google Has launched Duo support for iPad, Android Tabs, Chrome books and Smart Display recently.



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