Facebook To Check Political Ads Strictly Before 2019

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Facebook is an American online social networking site based on Menlo Park, California. It was launched on the month of February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg along with Harvard college students and room mates. The founders once limited the website’s membership to Harvard students only.

Next year, to the earliest, Facebook would show a disclaimer on all ads based on political issues that is, it will provide user’s personal information such as their identity and location of the viewers. Also, the user has to give their personal information which although will take time to confirm their identity and location. This year in order to increase transparency on its platform, have made major changes in accordance to political ads, not only this but it also started displaying “paid for by” which means Facebook will give data on user’s friends to some companies in order to reveal documents for which even Mark Zuckerberg defends.

Now, any advertiser in India, who wants to run a political ad will first have to confirm its identity and location and also their personal information, which will also take a few weeks time so that the advertiser will start their work. Facebook already has a similar system in the US and Brazil and same introduced in the UK back in October this year General elections are scheduled to be held in India before May month next year. Heading of elections, political parties are targeting social media platforms to spread messages and to attract support from the country’s tech savvy voters.


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