Google Removes Gender Bias In Google Translate With Latest Update

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Google Translate had been in a crossfire for a long time over its translations being quite gender biased by resorting to masculine names when converted to other languages and promoting male and female stereotypes especially in Google’s Smart Compose feature, but now, with it’s latest update Google Translate has done away the gender bias with gender specific translations that respect the gender roles without offensive translations such as using nurse for females and doctor for males. It has done away and removed gender specific pronouns completely which provides the best gender neutral user experience.
These are supported over many languages like French, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish from English. In the future, Google plans to extend this feature across all the languages and make Google Translate more gender friendly. It plans to extend these changes to its iOS and Android apps as well in the future. Earlier when the user put the query of such words, it used to show only one result, but now onwards it would show both masculine and feminine result of the query.

Google Translate is Google’s free tool that lets you translate word, phrases and even web pages between English and a 100 languages by typing your text and selecting the language you want it translated into and waiting for the translated text to come up. This has made life a lot easier for its consumers. With this latest update, it would make it even more easier and gender-friendly for the users and also reduce bias in machine learning. For its future launches, Google says it shall also be considering non binary gender in translations.


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