Tech Giant Google Removes 22 Malicious Apps From Google Play Store

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The 22 apps that were recently unfastened and discarded by the tech giant, Google, was because of their malignantly harmful behavior. Sophos revealed the entire story behind this action taken by Google in a report which says that these 22 applications tricked people into paying ‘never would have paid’ revenue on the pretext of having opened an advertisement. Unfortunately, around 2 million users had downloaded these apps before this news arrived at the threshold of stories of technological malice in the market.

The most astonishing aspect of this revelation is that the CLICK FRAUD went not noticed for a well enough long period. Click Fraud is the practice of repeatedly clicking on an advertisement hosted on a website with the intention of generating revenue for the host website or draining revenue from the advertiser.

Usually, one would never realize that these bogus applications fake contact/interaction (that is, the source of correspondence of activities) between the user and the advertisements which appeared in the veil of browser windows and that would drain the mobile’s battery and consume high levels of data. To make things easier for you, the reader, so that you don’t install any of these apps to resist falling prey into the
subtle malcontent of technology, here is the list:

1. Snake Attack
2. Math Solver
3. ShapeSorter
4. Tak A Trip
5. Magnifeye
6. Join Up
7. Zombie Killer
8. Space Rocket
9. Neon Pong
10. Just Flashlight
11. Table Soccer
12. Cliff Diver
13. Box Stack
14. Jelly Slice
15. AK Blackjack
16. Color Tiles
17. Animal Match
18. Roulette Mania
19. HexaFall
20. Hexa Blocks
21. PairZap
22. Sparkle FlashLight


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