PUBG Review

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PUBG is a most trending battleground game that just hit the market in recent months. It is one of the most played games ever released on the internet. This game can be played on its centralized server where multiple players can join the game and make their groups to defeat other players in the game. This is a battle themed games in which you can play with your friends and also know that they are online or offline by just logging in to your accounts so you can invite them up whenever you want to play.

The game starts from 100 players with a parachute and all of them are dropped by an airplane in the battleground and as soon as they landed on the ground they need to collect their equipment such as weapons, bombs, blades, clothes, shoes and other things in order to proceed in the game. Once you have all these equipment collected then you need to find out other players and kill them by using your sharpshooting skills.

It has high quality graphics with HD audio support that will enhance your playing experience. In this game you will also have vehicles to travel to distant locations by using a direction map provided in the game. The high quality animation effects of the game will give you jaw-dropping experience that will make you an addictive player of the game and its addiction is very strong and you don’t resist it.

You will become a high ranked player as you play more and more. Your ranks in your area can be increased and if you become a more advanced player then your rank will be shown in the top 100 on its server and you will become the Ace level player. It also has different ranks such as silver, gold, bronze, Ace and many others that represent the skills of the player and its progress in the game.


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