Facebook will now Tell you Why You are seeing a particular post

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Social media giant Facebook always makes new changes in its services to make the things easy for the users. Facebook is again going to introduce new changes to the Social platform. It claims that for the first time it will add an option to the social media platform that users would be able to check in the post, why they are seeing it. The option will be placed in the posts itself. You will be able to find the option by clicking on the three dots. You will see the option why I am seeing this post? in the drop down menu. The three broad parameters on which Facebook will include the posts in your feeds are-

  • This first parameter will be based on how often users interact with the posts of People, Group or Pages.
  • How often users interact to the specific kind of posts for example photos or videos.
  • How popular are the posts which users follow.

Additionally, Facebook is planning to make changes in the existing feature- Why I am seeing this ad? The feature was launched in 2004. In a blog post facebook said that when information about the ads will be more when advertiser’s lists match your facebook profile. The additional details will include whether the advertiser has uploaded the ad or is running the campaign with any other partner.

Recently Facebook also introduced new gaming tab for the users. As per Facebook they have added the feature so that users can share and connect more for their favourite games.


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