Google prompts to hide the Q version available for the final OS version

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“Bubbles” which has been introduced by the software developers, claims that it will be introduced on the Android Q. This feature has been introduced in the beta 2 version for market trial but after the announcing of final OS version it will be introduced. Google says that users won’t be able to find this feature on the final OS version as it would be hidden.

Bubbles feature which has been widely used in various apps most popular application is in facebook messenger but this would be hidden and will only be available for the non beta customers. This was revealed during a conference of IO 2019 but they haven’t provided the reason for hiding it.

Stories say that “bubbles” feature might not be compatible with all the messaging apps but they will be under the developer’s option and further the company will be looking for some developers to introduce in their apps. However, this feature can also work easily with Google’s Messages, Duo and
Hangout apps after launching.

Further, Google explains “bubble’s” are used for notifications and alerts. They pop up on the other app and floats with the user wherever they go. Further, they can be expanded when necessary and collapsed at the same place when not required.

This feature will also work when the device is screen locked or when the screen is active and unlocked. You can also unsubscribe to this feature.


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