Sunder Pichai, Google CEO comments of Apple’s privacy and iPhone’s costing issue

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When it comes to technology, privacy is one of the major subjects to talk about. The most technologically developed companies google and apple are providing the best means in assuring the privacy of the customers. Google has services which are nearly free and accessible to all but on the other side apple’s services are highly rated and pricey whereas android software is at a low rate compared to apple. Sunder Pichai claims this to one of his articles in The New York Times.

Pichai exclaims that privacy is one of the most essential and basic needs and says that Apple should provide secured services to all in a low base rate rather than focussing on premium purchases. He also says that it should be the first when it comes to safety and can be sustained to all and not to
those who can actually afford the premium purchases.

He further continues by appreciating android for providing services to the users for the data they are sharing and where they are sharing and what they are sharing. The newly, Google IO 2019 keynote, the company proved how important privacy is by presenting Incognito Mode in the Google Maps.
This feature is already available in Google Chrome and YouTube.

Pichai also says that government bodies also have a role in securing data privacy of everyone nut this what the company need not to be completely dependent on. Why to wait when you can save it by your own steps.


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