Instagram to get new appeal feature for deleting controversial content

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Up to 1 billions users are scrolling and double tapping globally on Instagram. This photo messaging app which is a sister company to Facebook is one of the biggest means for big announcements and photo sharing app. Instagram is about to launch appeal tool which will take down the reported
pictures and review it further. Sometimes, it happens that the post is deleted due to too many report reviews. But Instagram is now focussing on first inspecting the post and then making a decision to take it down.

This tool has been launched to make Instagram a lot more safer for the public. There are many youngsters using this app and billions of global population. This feature can be used by authorised profiles and also those accounts that has been removed .

Infact, this photo-sharing app is launching this tool by beginning to report explicit and nudity. Further, they will focus on other issues. These plans were discussed in a meeting held in New York City.

Moreover, this feature can be reviewed by both humans and artificial intelligence by data scientists of Instagram. At facebook’s F8 conference, Instagram has discussed that they have been developing a text and
media oriented technology to easily remove those post which spreads unauthorized and illegal news.

They have further decided to run viral post surfacing through Facebook checkers in order to remove the menace of fake news, controversies, hate shaming and nuisance.


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