Google Updates Android Auto With New Interface

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Google had recently announced the update in Android auto app. The announcement for this update has been made ahead of Google I/O 2019 developers conference. The updates of the app includes, dark themes, colours, fonts etc.

The android auto app was launched in 2015, since then it is getting  for the very first time. It is a Mobile application which let’s you mirror user interface and features of android device to the car’s infotainment system.

Company has completely redesigned the user interface of this app. Also has updated its notification system which will now allow the users respond the notifications through voice. They would be able to view, listen or respond using voice command. A new touch access button has also been added to the notification bar. With this button users would be able to use Google assistant in just one touch.

Company has added a priority feature to it. With this feature notification bar would give priority to the important notifications for example call or navigation. Also, it has made it easy for the users to answer or dismiss calls directly from their Car’s infotainment system. They would nor need to take out their Mobile for this.

Recently, Google has also showcased the os based android auto app with new UI on Linux operating system. Car manufacturers can integrate this in their car system. Volvo has already signed it and agreed to integrate it into its upcoming Polester 2 car.


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