HotStar to Launch new VIP Plan for their users

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In the world of the digital era, everything is getting digitalized. Gone are the days when people use to watch films on TV. Everyone prefer watching movies on their phones and PC only. Waiting for the particular film to come on TV will take really long. However, we can easily use the video streaming sites for watching films of our choice and yes, there are so many streaming sites available with good content. And today we are talking about the same.

Owned by Star India, Hotstar has recently launched their new subscription plan which they call as Hotstar VIP in a very decent price of INR 365 per year.

In this subscription plan, users will be able to easily watch the new films, web series and all the star network daily soaps even before their launch in TV. Also, they can watch the IPL and ICC sports.

Hotstar allows the user to pay by cash as well which is pretty different mode as other streaming sites don’t do that. In this payment method, they will collect the money of their users within the time period of 48-72 hours which is the time of almost 2-3 days.

If you are a subscriber of Hotstar annual sports plan, you will be upgraded to the hotstar VIP service without asking for any charge as it is a complimentary gift for their existing users.


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