Facebook Apologized For Mentioning Kashmir Wrongly.

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After the NZ controversy where Facebook was alleged for allowing the live video and did not take it off, Facebook is again in some problem where the company had to apologize.

Facebook has apologized as they mentioned Kashmir in its blog which was all about a company which removed coordinated inauthentic behavior from Russia, Kosovo, and Iran.

But since Facebook also included Kashmir which is in India wrongly, they apologized later and for this, they issues an email statement stating-

“We mistakenly included ‘Kashmir’ in our blog post when listing the countries and regions impacted by the Iranian network we disrupted for coordinated inauthentic behavior,”

“Kashmir was the subject of some of the content shared by this network, but it should not have been included in that list. We have corrected this in the blog post and we apologise for any confusion caused,”

They added.

Also, Facebook said that they have removed around 512 profiles including pages, account and groups and they have removed it on the bases of any inauthentic behavior.

The company Facebook Inc, later on, updated the post where they mentioned Kashmir and removed this name. They are also trying to remove all the unauthenticated profiles, pages and group from the platform so that it will not create any chaos by spreading something fake.


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