Facebook is all set to restrict some live video after NZ attack

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Social media is a big concern nowadays. People use the platform even for some negative things too. According to Facebook, the original video where the alleged gunman killed around 50 people in mosques in Christchurch has around the audience of 200 people and that too only in the 17 minutes of the live broadcast.

Facebook is now all set to place the restrictions on people posting live videos in the wake of shooting in New Zealand this month.

They have received a lot of criticism because they did not take the video down and due to this, people saw and also uploaded it in different video streaming platform like Youtube too. On this, Facebook said that the video only has an audience of 200 people and it was live for 17 minutes.

The moment they took off the video, the video got ended. But since Facebook is used by so many people, it got viral. On this, Sheryl Sandberg, who is the chief operating officer said-

“That’s why we must work to continually stay ahead,” Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer, In the past week, we have also made changes to our review process to help us improve our response time to videos like this in the future.”

Facebook is also taking stronger steps to remove hate from its platform and is using artificial intelligence tools to identify and remove hate groups in Australia and New Zealand, Sandberg added.

Now Facebook is pretty strict with their policies of going live. They are also researching the way to create a technology which can identify the edited versions of violent videos and images.


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