Netflix is bringing Studio Sound, Adaptive engines will support Audio

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Netflix is bringing Studio sound to its platform. The company is working to update the adaptive engine to provide quality sound that will match the internet speed you are using. It would be much similar to the optimization of Videos.

The name behind this latest update is Duffer Brothers, makers of Stranger Things. As per Netflix, they received critical feedback about the degradation of high frequencies in the scenes of Stranger Things 2. The feedback was from the Duffer Brothers. Because of this feedback, the company decided to improve the quality of audio so that it can give exact experience to viewers which makers would have wished.

Last time the Netflix launched support for 5.1 surround sound in 2010. After six years of this improvement, it provided support to Dolby Atmos. Since then, Netflix has focused to improve video quality only by adding HDR and 4K experience.

As per the company that the studio quality it is going to add doesn’t promise studio sound but will try to match the quality with it. It claimed that the new sound feature will be of high quality and will not be lossless. It would be “Perceptually Transparent”.

Netflix said that it has revised Dolby Atmos bitrates. It has updated them to the highest offering to 768 kbps. It also said that the users of Netflix who are using 5.1 channels with fast speed would be able to enjoy high quality.


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