PayPal Launched OneTouch Experience In India

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PayPal which is a big name when it comes to making the international payments online has recently launched their new OneTouch experience in India. This can be done only by using the Google Smart lock feature.

By using this OneTouch feature, customers will be registering their Android devices with PayPal and this will enable them to logged in into the platform for any subsequent purchases.

According to this feature, it will remove the hassle of customers which happened to them while logging in the platform in order to make payments and transactions. After the logging in process, the customer has to go through a two factor authentication step in order to complete the payments transactions.

Now after this OneTouch feature, there is no need to retrieve the credit or debit card details while making the payments on the smartphones anymore. It will not just make the task easy for the customer but also will provide the security.

Kishore Konakanchi, the head of product and engineering of PayPal India stated- “Our vision in India is to enable a convenient and safe payments experience for merchants and consumers. When consumers link their Google and PayPal accounts, it eliminates the need to re-enter passwords and thereby offering a faster check-out experience. Managing risk is PayPal’s secret sauce which has defined success for us across 200 markets over two decades,”

For this feature, the company has chosen India as the first testing market after which they will start rolling out.


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