Apple CEO Tim Cook Considers India A challenging market in a short term

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Apple CEO Tim Cook considers India a challenging market in the short run. The CEO said that pricing adjustments have shown “preliminarily some better results” in India, but in the short run it would not be that easy. Cook said that India is an important market for the company in long term but when its comes to short term, it is quite challenging, when speaking about the revenue of $58 billion in Q2 which is 5% lower than the previous year’s quarter.

Additionally, telling about the growing capabilities of Apple in India, he said “But we are learning a lot. We have started manufacturing there (in India) which is very important to be able to serve the market in a reasonable way.” He said that he would  “like to place retail stores there” and is “working with the government to seek approval to do that”. He said that company is planning to “going in there with sort of all of our might.” The policies of India for the single Brand retails is making it difficult for the Apple company to set up.

Tim Cook also said about Development accelerator in Bangluru “happy with some of the things coming out of there”. He added. “It’s a long-term play. It’s not something that’s going to be on overnight huge business. But I think the growth potential is phenomenal,” He also mentioned that though the Indian market is primarily android market, there are still many opportunities for the company.


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