A Space Rock collided into moon during the Lunar eclipse at a rate of 60,000 kmph

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This activity happened for the first time and now this activity is presently taking place. Moon is constantly colliding with space rocks.

This incident happened during lunar eclipse dated on January 19. Scientist has defined that a space rock is a meteorite which is stabbed on the Earth Satellite at 61,000 km per hour. This crashing was visible by naked human eyes which gave the best view of moon hitting by the space rock. A distinct
flash of 0.28 second was seen as a result of a collision with huge dissipation of energy.

The time of crash was predicted to be 04:41 a.m. GMT and according to Indian Standard Time it was 10:11 am IST this was just after the actual phase of lunar eclipse begun.

“ Something inside of me told me that this time would be the time” said by the professor of Maria Madiedo of the University of Huelv Prof. Jose who studies the moon impacts Detection and Analysis
system (MIDAS).

Madiedo and Ortiz have researched that the space rock weighed 45 kg and has a measurement of 30-60 cms and bumped into the moon at a time rate of 61,000 kms per hour. After Collison the energy generated was noted to be 1.5 tonnes of TNT which was equivalent to form a crater of 15ms diameter. Researchers have also said that it is difficult to reproduce such collisions on lab.


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