The Highest grossing film of 2019- Avengers-Endgame

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Last weekend was a tough day for the people working in theatres because of overloading booking for the film Avengers- Endgame. The movie has their own fan base not just in their country but all over in world. Even in India, the craze of the film is no less. And that is the reason Avengers-Endgame has become the highest grossing film of 2019 in India and you will shocked to know that it became the highest grossing film in less than a week. The total box gross is of INR 290,83 crores which is nearly around $41.9 millions.

The movie has surpassed the film URI- The surgical strike which has e net gross of INR 244 crores. By the end of this thursday, we won’t be shocked if it becomes the highest grossing Hollywood film of India all time as now Infinity was is the one with a gross of $43.59 million.

On friday, the opening was of $8.9 millions which is 62.14 crores. On saturday, it was 62.92 crores and on Sunday it was the 188.87 crores. Till now, it is the highest opening ever for a Hollywood movie in India.

If we talk about all over sale of world, it was 10, 261 crore which is the third highest grossing film of all time in marvel cinematic universe and eighth highest grossing film of all time worldwide. Indeed, the film was worth reaching the amount. It has proven to be the best film for sure of this year.


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