New Variant of Nokia 8.1 To Launch in January

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After the success of Nokia’s recent smartphone, HMD announced that Nokia 8.1 with 6 GB Ram and 128 GB internal storage will launch in January with its predecessor, of 4 GB RAM worth Rs 26,999 having been already made available for pre order. The Nokia 8.1 with 4 GB is scheduled to launch in December 21. Amazon India seeks to notify the customers of the sale. The 4 GB, model itself, will be available in Nokia Stores and select retailers. Its Pure Display screen is another plus that offers a high contrast and a sharp display with the support of HDR10.

The Nokia 8.1 is a successor of Nokia 7 Plus with an all glass design in a Series 6000 aluminium frame and diamond cut edges. The phone is powered by a 2.2 giga hertz Snapdragon 710 Octa core processor with a 18W fast charger and a 6.18 inch FHD+ display. The phone also has a 12 MP + 13 MP dual rear camera and a 20 MP front camera.

The 4 GB Nokia 8.1 falls in the same range of Nokia 7 Plus making it a technology forward and affordable phone with Nokia hoping to get ahead of its competitors and itself with this new model. Nokia 8.1 comes in two colour variants – the Iron and Steel edition and the blue Silver edition. The exact date or the price of the Nokia 8.1  6 GB, cannot be ascertained, yet. It is also not known if the 6 GB edition will have its own colour variant. This is yet to see how impactful will be this new model and will it be a competition to flagship phones.


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