OnePlus upgrade program for OnePlus 6T launched

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OnePlus has been garnering a large fanbase since the start; their smartphone models have only brought more loyalty and anticipation from the users (and even non-users). Now OnePlus India has introduced a new OnePlus Assured Upgrade program that will offer a buyback value of up to 70% on the OnePlus 6T starting from January 19th 2019. When the republic day sales kick off, the online Amazon website and OnePlus exclusive offline stores provide the guaranteed buyback value when the buyer looks to buy a future OnePlus flagship and using their HDFC Bank credit and debit cards can avail Rs 1,500 instant discount.

To enrol into the program, consumers will have to pay Rs. 199, through the OnePlus app. Only customers who purchase the OnePlus 6T between January 19, 2019 and January 27, 2019 and also opt for OnePlus Assured Upgrade programme worth Rs. 199 can avail the buyback benefit.

Some of the key features from the 6T Phone before upgraded are its futuristic fingerprint sensor which can sense it immediately when one picks the phone up, and the extremely fast performance as a smartphone; speed is definitely the core of 6T. Its camera is excellent as expected but similar to OnePlus 6.

It goes without saying that the Assured Upgrade program is only strengthening the model’s value further along with the company’s constant endeavour to innovate and delight their loyal community of users.


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