Online Shopping Is Going To Be Easier Than Ever: Google Announces Its Revamp Idea

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Online shopping is a comfort and a privilege which many are akin to. There’s no urgency to reach the outlet faster than humanly possible so that one does not lose out the best dress, no long queue to test one’s patience. Access to millions of options, just the way one wants, is what makes this modernized version of buying stuff (shopping 2.0) so much more favorable and favorite, at the same time.

With the underlying aim to make online shopping much more personal, much more like the users’ favorite corner where you can pick up their favorite dresses, cosmetics etc, Google has decided to revamp its online shopping features. It is going to be worth the time one spends surfing, searching and finally finding what they want (from home décor to beauty products) and that is what Google plans to achieve.

Google has introduced a price filter option so that users can select the range of cost for the product they are looking for which will ultimately help them to find something adorable and yet friendly to their budget. Secondly, the buyers can insert their enquiries in both Hindi and English which makes Google Shopping Tab easy to use in times when you can’t remember the English word for the Indian household product you are searching for. Thirdly, users can shuffle between various retailers to buy the most suitable product. It is not just about the benefits for customers but also for retailers. The most important sidekick attribute that will be introduced by Google is the Hindi version of Merchant Centre.


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