WhatsApp Revokes ‘Stickers’ From iOS Platform

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The popular messaging app owned by Facebook has recently updated it with some new features. It added stickers for all of its iOS and android users. The feature did well on android platform. But, Some issues were with iOS platform. When WhatsApp launched sticker feature on it, it also gave the facility to users to download more stickers from the Google play store and Appleā€™s App store. This facility helped users to collect stickers and use on their chats to make it more interactive. However, now WhatsApp has revoked the sticker feature from iOS platform.

It has now disabled the option of downloading stickers from app store for iOS platform. iOS users thus would not be able to use this service anymore. As per the reports, If WhatsApp would continue offering this facility to users then, App stores would get flooded with more sticker apps. The Apple company has recently removed some individual apps from its app store. This was the reason, company didn’t accepted this change of WhatsApp. It made WhatsApp to revoke its sticker feature from iOS platform.

With this, WhatsApp has some good news as well fir iOS users. It is rolling out a new feature of group video calls for iOS platform. It is currently being tested in beta version, but company has decided to roll it out for all users. With this feature users would be able to make video calls in group. Option would be available at homepage. Currently, the feature is available only for three people. Thus users can add only three people at once for video calling.


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